Inglese Alen Yacht Metaphor 68 Flexidrive Power 700 Custom cleat for Mochi Craft Sistema propulsivo Flexidrive Power 2000 Flexidrive Power 700 con Boomex


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Alen Yacht Metaphor 68

Flexidrive Power 2000 propulsion system and Flexitab hydrodynamic trim tabs.
Total design by Victory Design.

Flexidrive Power 700

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Custom cleat for Mochi Craft

The cleat is completely integrated with the design of the deck, giving continuity and balance to the design of the toerail.

Sistema propulsivo Flexidrive Power 2000

Semi submerged propulsion system

Flexidrive Power 700 con Boomex

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12th Jun 2017

SM Racer : Design and Operation of One of the World’s Fastest Monohulls

24th Oct 2016
Barche magazine

Barche – monthly international yachting magazine

The PDF file: Barche magazine : Anvera 55 

12th May 2014

Aerospace Division

The experience gained in years of racing, scientific evidence, commercial and military applications, as well as the team of engineers and architects that now make up the company guarantees high...

11th Dec 2012

Products Flexitab

The ingegnering from design, from production to marketing: the focus on research and development of Flexitab leads the company to patent the product.

11th Dec 2012

Deck hardware

(Italiano) Flexitab segue anche progetti custom. Per esempio, ha realizzato una serie di bitte e di passacavi fresati in acciaio inox, disegnati per i Dolphin, le lobster boats del marchio Mochi Craft di Ferretti Group.

10th Dec 2012


Propulsion systems based on semi-submerged propellers have traditionally been considered efficient on light, powerful boats, but inadequate for slower and heavier ones.

10th Dec 2012

The Project Flexitab®

This was Flexitab’s starting point, the patent debut to which it owes its name: a hydrodynamic trim tab for planing hulls without the traditional front pinned hinge typical of common flaps.

10th Dec 2012


Flexitab presents Boomex, the revolutionary new system of hydro plans claimed that, when applied to programs, increase the efficiency at all speeds.