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Flexitab is a company founded on technological innovation in the marine industry, working for ten years with success in the market, in the pleasure craft, competitions and commercial vessels.

With a number of international patents, and marketed products on time (since Flexitab, correction of the hydrodynamic structure which gave the name the Company, the V-Mec, a hydraulic cylinder that allows the rotation of the propeller trimmabili boxes with the ability to resist radial loads, the hinges “Sphera” self hinges for doors, the propulsion system “Flexidrive” for pleasure craft and the system “Kdrive for displacement ships, including the Boomex, the system of plans that idrosostentatori applied to programs, increase the efficiency at all speeds), the company is also looking to the world of electronics and its development prospects in the nautical field that considers absolutely strategic.

Flexitab is one of the most recent reality of producing propulsion systems and accessories of high technology in the panorama of Italian nautical. The commitment is aimed at the improvement of all instruments – propulsion systems, propellers, rudders, correction of attitude, took the sea and other accessories essential to deliver high performance at sea level.

A goal that not only aims to achieve greater performance, but mainly concerns the optimization of the boat in terms of ease of use and reduce consumption. Flexitab designs, manufactures and markets special wheelhouses, took the sea at low resistance, patented hydraulic cylinders and many other accessories’ custom ‘even mate, exploring innovative technology solutions, accurate in design, so that they can be applied on board the modern vessels.

producing propulsion systems accessories of high technology

Flexitab was founded in 1999 with the goal to meet, through research and innovation, the needs of shipyards and ship owners who like to treat every detail of their boats and wish to obtain the maximum efficiency and safety during navigation.

Through the experience gained through years of competitions, scientific, commercial and military applications, and the team of engineers and architects who today make up the company, Flexitab ensures high quality products, followed closely by experts in all stages of development from design to prototype, from development through to production.

The areas covered by the company are as follows:

  • Flexitab®, the revolutionary patented hydrodynamic trim tabs;
  • Flexidrive®, the new generation of patented propulsion system, based on surface propeller technology;
  • Boomex, the system of hydro supported plans that increase the efficiency of transmission;
  • Flexithrust, the line of special thrust required that allow a complete isolation of the axial and radial engine on any line of axles;
  • Fittings and accessories to deck boats, product design and functionality according to the needs of customers nautical;
  • Racing, a series of custom designed components for offshore competitions. Class 1 Offshore, Flexitab is an absolute leader in delivering wheelhouses, rudders, special flaps and trim piston cylinder aero-hydrodynamic.

In the development of certain products, Flexitab also uses the cooperation of the major Italian universities, such as the Naval School of Engineering of Genoa and Naples. Flexitab also has a boat workshop, theVictory Flexiboat Lab 1, a board which is carried out product development. Flexitab has just completed a major industrial plant in the province of Naples over 3000 square meters equipped with lathes, milling machines and numerical control of the latest generation, with a total investment close to 4 Ml Euro.

CNC Flexitab flexitab production

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