P700 Boomex propulsione nautica con elica di superficie

Flexitab presents Boomex, the revolutionary new system of hydro plans claimed that, when applied to programs, increase the efficiency at all speeds. All the technology Flexitab for flexibility of use so far unthinkable on planing boats.

Flexitab, the company specializes in high-tech equipment is known for its innovative range of groups FLEXIDRIVE to aft propeller semisommersa, continues to revolutionize the marine propulsion.

The BOOMEX is the latest patent from the company invented Brunello Acampora and tested on Spider V-Concept of Cantieri di Sarnico, equipped with transmissions FLEXIDRIVE Energy.

Boomex – the latest FLEXITAB invention – is a revolutionary system of hydro-maintainer plans that are installed to the transmissions in order to increase the performance at all speeds.

Boats equipped with Boomex get onto the plane already at 8 to 9 knots, with favourable trim, no squatting or big transom wake.

The principle is to direct the transom wake in a favourable manner, generating carrying capacity and ventilating the superior part of the semi-submerged propeller disk, thanks to the special profile of a flap system connected directly to the transmission.

This stern system also assures improved manoeuvrability in the port, thanks to the advantageous reverse flow direction.

Boomex confirms the commitment of the Neapolitan company to refine all those instruments – propulsion systems, propellers, rudders, high – tech control system and tabs, along with other accessories – which are fundamental in guaranteeing a high level performance in navigation.

BOOMEX Arcidiavolo GT Boomex

Details of the propulsion system Boomex ®, V-Mec ®, flaps and rudder on Arcidiavolo GT of Cantieri di Sarnico.

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