Deck hardware

The Deck Hardware line, a range of components for the deck, is created by Flexitab Research and Development Department with the aim to improve the functionality of the manoeuvre and to create a marking design of the boat. Not only resistance and functionality, but also aesthetical appeal: these are the target of the work of research for all the custom components designed by Flexitab team. Cleats, fairleads and hinges are milled in stainless steel AISI 316 using CNC production process.

Flexitab co-operates, for the design and the manufacture of the custom Deck Harware components, with the shipyard, in order to follow the same “family feeling” of the Deck style: in this way a functional fitting became also a good-looking component.

Mochi Craft Dolphin 51’, Ferretti Engineering, Victory Design project – Italy – Equipped with Flexitab components.

An example of custom components is the Deck Hardware designed for the Dolphin, Ferretti Group’s Mochi Craft brand lobster boats. The cleats are completely integrated with the design of the deck, giving continuity and balance to the design of the toerail; the fairleads have been ideated to follow the curves and the smooth lines of the boat.

Another example of the research and development of the Flexitab team, to find innovative and technological solutions, are the Sphera hinges designed to allow the opening of transom doors with complex forms. Flexitab realized a special kind of patented hinge that can be used on inclinated surfaces and it can hold high loads. Thanks to a system of a set up on three axis, the port can be perfectly aligned, in a short time, up with the rest of the stern surface. After opening the spoiler, this kind of hinge remains hidden.

Deck Hardware products are the result of passion, know-how and style of Flexitab designers, in order to make any boats unique and exclusive, following the Italian Style

Cleats by Flexitab

In order to reflect in every detail its own clients’ vision of the sea, Flexitab also carries out custom projects alongside the customer. For example it produced a series of cleats and fairleads milled in stainless steel, designed just for the Dolphin, Ferretti Group’s Mochi Craft brand lobster boats.

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