Aerospace Division

The experience gained in years of racing, scientific evidence, commercial and military applications, as well as the team of engineers and architects that now make up the company guarantees high quality products, followed closely by experts at all stages of development from design to prototype, from development to production. Thanks to these experiences, Flexitab, few years ago, has added to the MARINE DIVISION the AEROSPACE DIVISION, for which produces equipment to support the production of aircraft components, large structures for assembly (eg. “assembly jigs”), hydropress block, molds, form die, lay up mandrel, etc..

The production unit, with a highly qualified technical staff, is located in the ASI area of Acerra (Naples). The company, which has 7000 square meters of which 3000 covered square meters, with advanced CNC machines as well as innovative technological components,  produces aeronautical tooling jigs, components and parts for the major players in the world.

- Equipment to support the production

- Assembly jigs

- Lift Systems for assembly jigs

- Hydropress block

- Drilling Masks

- Molds

- Supports for shot peening

- Milling of composite master models

- Design Support


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