The Project Flexitab®

Flexitab - flap Particolare funzionamento flexitab

Gliding over a veil of water and feeling a sense of calm stability: this is the pleasure of perfect navigation, the right balance between dynamism and steadiness that every boat aspires to.

This was Flexitab’s starting point, the patent debut to which it owes its name: a hydrodynamic trim tab for planing hulls without the traditional front pinned hinge typical of common flaps.

The tab is completely clamped and when it is operated by a hydraulic trim cylinder, flexes structurally, like helicopter blades and airplane wings in the air, or like a scuba-diver’s fins in the water.The hydrodynamic profile is thus much more efficient than a conventional tab and makes it possible to increase the vertical push without the inherent resistance of traditional flaps, which always provoke a braking effect.

Flexitab®’s most innovative feature is the exclusive function that allows one to trim the boat backwards by raising the bow, which is no possible with traditional flaps. When the blade is drawn up, in fact, it curves in such a progressive line that the water is sucked up, generating a downwards force.

Victory Team di Dubai Correttore d'assetto idrodinamico

The principle is conceptually simple, but it required a long period of fine tuning, consisting of structural studies and numerous tests, fundamental to improve the project. The tests were initially carried out on one of Dubai’s Victory Team boats for which Flexitab was already providing external steering system and special transmission components.

sistema di controllo Flexitab® Flexitab® per carene plananti

The tests allowed to refine the technology and get it ready for the world of yachting. The Flexitab® control system was then adopted by the Ferretti Group, ever sensitive to technological innovation, which chose it for the Dolphin, the new Mochi Craft brand lobster boats.

sistema di controllo Flexitab®

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