Mission Flexitab


Flexitab is one of the most advanced nautical Italian Companies, working in the fields of propulsion & control and high tech components.

The company mission is to redefine all those ‘hidden’ components, like propulsion systems, propellers, rudders, trim tabs, water intakes and other components which play an essential role in achieving top performance. Not just higher top speed but, above all, perfect control at any speed and fuel saving by increased efficiencies.

Flexitab designs, builds and distribute custom steering systems, low drag flush water intakes, patented hydraulic rams and many other custom gears and deck hardware, studying technological solutions that are both innovative and finely styled to meet the expectation of the contemporary high quality boat industry.

Flexitab was founded in 1999 with the aim to meet, through research and innovation, all the expectations of both builders and owners that pay attention to details and pretend maximum efficiency and safety at sea.

Thanks to its team of qualified engineers, Flexitab reaches the highest standards with its products, which are carefully tracked in all stages, from conception to design, from setting up prototypes to serial-production.


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