Inglese Alen Yacht Metaphor 68 Flexidrive Power 700 Custom cleat for Mochi Craft Sistema propulsivo Flexidrive Power 2000 Flexidrive Power 700 con Boomex


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Alen Yacht Metaphor 68

Flexidrive Power 2000 propulsion system and Flexitab hydrodynamic trim tabs.
Total design by Victory Design.

Flexidrive Power 700

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Custom cleat for Mochi Craft

The cleat is completely integrated with the design of the deck, giving continuity and balance to the design of the toerail.

Sistema propulsivo Flexidrive Power 2000

Semi submerged propulsion system

Flexidrive Power 700 con Boomex

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09th Dec 2012


The X-Ray can read the angle and flap trim through special transducer for hydraulic actuators mounted along the plumbing inside the craft in this way the installation was released by the presence of mechanical and / or electric

09th Dec 2012


(Italiano) Flexithrust® è una speciale tenuta reggispinta che può essere utilizzata su qualsiasi linea d’assi.

08th Dec 2012

Hinge Sphera

This hinge allows the doors to rotation of complex shape, the self axis of rotation. A system of records permits the alignment of the door to the rest of the surfaces.

08th Dec 2012

Flexiboat – Victory Lab 1

Flexiboat is a light and performing boat, impact-proof , and extremely rigid, ecological for taking care of the earth natural resources.

08th Dec 2012

Bilboa Hyatt

08th Dec 2012

The steering systems

The steering systems, modelled by C.N.C. in different materials such as Ergal, titanium and high resistance steel, are made in different geometries and dimensions depending on the applications.

06th Dec 2012

Smash Pocker

Cigarette Smash Poker won the Grand Prix of Turkey, disputed this weekend in Istanbul’s beautiful Bosphorus waterway.

06th Dec 2012

Trim Piston V-Mec®

Trim Piston Mec-V® is a patent Flexitab, a cylinder with double acting hydraulic internal particularly suited to support the axles for surface propeller.