Products Flexitab

Flexitab designs, materials and innovative principles, a series of high-technology items such as:

correction of trim, hydraulic cylinders, wheelhouses complete propulsion and groups that exploit the marine propulsion by partially submerged propellers (propellers surface).

The ingegnering from design, from production to marketing: the focus on research and development of Flexitab leads the company to patent the product. Flexidrive®, the new generation of propulsion systems semisommerse patented propellers for all types of craft, built in three product lines: Energy, Power and Speed, they have a very clear example.

The Power and Speed are distinguished dall’Energy the propeller axis trimmabile. In this way the pilot will always have the boat under control by adjusting the trim when sailing in all conditions of the sea. The advantages translate into a better cruising comfort, lower fuel consumption and improved performance and speed.

The cylinder V-Mec, patent titled “Group of hydraulic piston capable of withstanding lateral loads, especially for naval applications”, installed on models Power and Speed and was born as an application in the field of sailing competition and then used later in the nautical pleasure craft, is a hydraulic cylinder that allows the rotation of the propeller trimmabili boxes.

The distinctive feature of the cylinder which is to resist radial loads. This property makes this cylinder suitable for use on boats with propellers surface. That kind of forward propeller forces not only along the axis, but also in the direction perpendicular to the same, and these forces are also transmitted and then displayed on also to the cylinder V-Mec therefore, resist these forces, enables the trimming of the well with these loads.

The cylinder V-Mec is a cylinder with double acting hydraulic internal and allows rotation of an axis of transmission around a joint omeocinetico through the vertical movement of the piston that applied at any point of axis. Another innovative product is the BOOMEX, the last patent of the company has been tested on Spider V-Concept of Cantieri di Sarnico, equipped with transmissions FLEXIDRIVE Energy.

The Boomex is a revolutionary system idrosostentatori plans that are mounted to the transmission to increase efficiency at all speeds of Use. The well-equipped boats reach planing speed already 8-9 knots with an optimum, or inclined without tiring posting the wake of the transom.

flexi lolllp

Spider-V Concept transmission mounts

Flexidrive Energy 500

OSG Racing mounted transmissions

Flexidrive Speed S1100

Flexidrive Arcidiavolo

Alen Yacht – Metaphor 68 mounted transmissions

Flexidrive Power in 2000 and flap Flexitab

Arcidiavolo of Cantieri di Sarnico transmission mounts


bitta Passacavo
Bitta custom for Mochi Craft Dolphin Passacavo bow to Mochi Craft Dolphin
Sphera – Hinge for self doors Flexithrust – Keeping hold lines for aces

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