Electronic control system for motor boats

The X-Ray can read the angle and flap trim through special transducer for hydraulic actuators mounted along the plumbing inside the craft in this way the installation was released by the presence of mechanical and / or electric, with obvious reduction of both time and cost of assembly. In addition to the advantages just listed, this system ensures a greater durability, since no external cables that could be damaged.

X-Ray comprises an electro Hydroflex, two flow meters, two electronic kits for reading rotameters themselves and, finally, by a digital display.

As for reading the angle on the bridge flap / trim, the Shipyard will be able to choose whether to use digital X-Ray fitted, or an analog, due to the data output power supplied to a display standard.

Offshore racing

X Ray, reading system corner flap and trim

May be associated with correction of hydrodynamic trim Flexitab and all the flap on the market.

The operating is very simple: operating the UP & DOWN button, the current at the valve unit, which will leave the oil in the direction of the hydraulic cylinder. On the way, the oil will move the wheel flowmeter. Quest’utima above there is a sensor that counts the number of turns made and transfers them to the electronic system which elaborates the signal in order to be able to see the indicator on the bridge.

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